DevX Special Report: Going Mobile: Getting Your Apps On the Road

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Thread: DevX Special Report: Going Mobile: Getting Your Apps On the Road

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    DevX Special Report: Going Mobile: Getting Your Apps On the Road

    With more and more of the workforce relying on their mobile devices to get their jobs done, the time has come for developers to mobilize their enterprise applications. However, the fragmented mobile development landscape forces developers to make a number of crucial choices: Which devices? Which platforms? Which SDKs? This DevX Special Report helps you answer these questions by providing a beginner's guide to getting your apps mobile.

    The Mobile Platform Cheat Sheet
    by Mikko Kontio
    With the fragmented mobile development landscape forcing developers to make a number of crucial choices, get a high-level comparison of the different platforms and recommendations for what purposes they fit.

    Start Your Engines: Mobile Application Development
    by Jim White
    A fifth of the world's population will soon have a mobile device and access to the Internet. With that many potential users, is an explosion of mobile applications inevitable? If so, what technologies will lead the way in their development?

    The Mobile Road: Looking Back, Looking Forward
    by Ray Rischpater
    By looking at the past trajectory of mobile devices in the marketplace, we can better understand where mobile computing is headed.

    Mobilize Your Java Applications with Java ME Technologies
    by Bruno Delb
    Read this beginner's guide to extending an enterprise application to mobile devices with the Java ME technologies.

    Cruising the Interstate with Windows Mobile 6 Development
    by Wei-Meng Lee
    One benefit of choosing Microsoft technologies for your mobile apps is an integrated, streamlined development process. Find out how easy it is with this tutorial on the basics of developing Windows Mobile apps with the the .NET Compact Framework.

    Running In the Field: How to Make Your Handheld Your Best Friend
    by Bruno Zambetti
    Enterprises take note: as handheld devices become both more capable and more user-friendly, they're also becoming "must-have" equipment for people who work away from the office, replacing their heavy laptops with smaller and lighter but still fully-functional equipment.

    Android Mobility: Open Source Hits the Road
    by Chris King
    Learn to leverage Android's powerful APIs to rapidly create sophisticated applications for media, data storage, and networking.
    Glen B. Kunene
    Managing Editor

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    DevX Special Report Going Mobile Getting Your Apps On the Road

    Hi Anni,

    Are you an ad network for web publishers that get some mobile traffic?


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