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Thread: Advanced OO

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    Advanced OO

    Please members assist me with this task i have tried for one week but am not getting the solution. Am new in programming am just trying to learn the language.


    1. Create an interface called limb and modify your arm and leg classes so that they implement it.
    2. Create a new abstract class called Mammal and move any properties and methods that all mammals have from your Human to the Mammal class.
    3. Ensure that your mammal has a private property which is an collection of limbs and protected methods to add, remove and retrieve the limbs (alternative solution would be to have protected collection of limbs and protected constructor in which you can pass collection of limbs to add).
    4. Modify your Human to extend Mammal.
    5. Add methods to your Human that return collections of arms and legs. implement these methods by iterating through the collection of limbs and checking what type of limb they are. Note that you will need to use the instanceOf keyword but we haven't covered it so you will need to research it.
    6. Create three new classes that represent pets. They should all be mammals but have some unique characteristics.
    7. Create a Family class that creates two humans (yourself and your ideal partner) and three pets.
    8. Extend the Human class to create two new classes Adult and Child.
    9. Make sure your human has an age property.
    10. Modify your family so it includes a child.
    11. Add an abstract canWatchMovie method to the Human which takes a parameter specifying the movie rating.
    12. Create a MovieRating class that contains a private map with rating as the key and minimum age as the value, populate this map when the class is instantiated. Also include a method which takes two parameters, rating and age and checks the minimum age in the map and returns true or false to indicate whether or not a human with the specified age is allowed to watch a movie with the specified rating.
    13. Implement the canWatchMovie method in the child and adult, in the adult always return true but in the child use the MovieRating class to determine whether the child can watch the movie.
    14. Add a getMovieGoers method to the family that takes a rating as a parameter and returns a collection of all the family members that can watch the movie.
    15. Demonstrate the use on the getMovieGoers method by calling it twice from within the main method of the family and prints out the names of the family members that can watch the movie.

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    You need to do one step at a time. Write some code for the first step, compile it , execute it and verify it works. Then add more code and do the same.
    As you have problems, come back here, post the code and the error messages and your questions.

    What programs have you written so far? Do you know how to create a class or an interface?
    How to add methods to a class etc.

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    We are not going to do your homework for you.

    We will, however, assist you in a problem you are having with code you are writing. Naturally, this means you have written something that isn't working.

    Lets start there.

    What code do you have for this at the moment?

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