how filter source html?

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Thread: how filter source html?

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    Mar 2008

    how filter source html?

    i building a site of ads that can accept html source for users can show their ads with images with the custum sizes and with custum fonts and tables
    flash content etc
    but i want block some code like php code

    < php>
    include "ext";

    and javascript too and other code that can result in a segurity issue.
    there is any function in php or other way to detect that code before save to the db?
    thanks a lot for your help

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    -you can parse if " <?php " exists in the string or "<script" or "<?" ..etc
    -you can get the value from the database as "string" and put them directly into a "string-variable" so that it won't be executed in the server side but only shown in the user side .. for the java-script , stripslashes and remove quotes (or replace by &quot; ) before displaying the string .. this won't make the script able to run but considered as a normal string ..
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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    Mar 2008
    thanks for your help i will try that

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