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Thread: Inserting HTMLInput Element value

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    Inserting HTMLInput Element value

    I have a textfield that uses a dynamic dropdown select script to let me choose a country by a few letters. Example, keying "B" shows "Brazil, Bulgaria, Belarus... Once i choose a county another function fires to send the selected data via http_request to another page. Here's it in use.

    <input type="text" name="country" onkeyup="ajax_showOptions(this,'get_country',event)" onblur="makeRequest('insert.php?field_name=country&field_value=',this.value)">
    The problem is that the *this.value* in makeRequest() only sends the "B" or whatever chars where entered in the field. Now I understand that the dropdown script is filling the field in a different way than I would have keyed it but how im not sure. Looking at FireBug i think i see that my selection "Brazil" shows under *HTMLInputElement*. I guess my question is how do i get that value to show instead of *this.value* in makeRequest().

    FYI, each script works fine when not working together on the same field.

    Thanks much for the help.

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    thanks to BrianOConnell -

    Solution - replace *this.value* with *document.getElementById('country_hidden').value*.

    The country_hidden element was not in my initial post because i didn't think it was relevant.. bad me. It is shown in the original example linked in my post.

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    Thank you for coming back and posting your solution.

    Hopefully it will help others that may have the same, or similiar, problem.

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    darn.. found a glitch. the *document.getElementById('country_hidden').value* will not set on the first call of makeRequest(). It will though set if i re-select the drop down value. Any ideas on hoe to get it to set the first time?

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