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Thread: vbCrlf works in text box 1 but not text box 2

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    vbCrlf works in text box 1 but not text box 2

    A User selects items from a list. Each selection is displayed in text box 1 in multiple lines. The operating cost for the item is displayed in text box 2. Both text boxes are long enough to accommodate multiple entries. Eventually a running sub total will be displayed in text box 3 located below text box 2. VbCrlf works fine in text box 1 but won't work in text box 2. Multiple selections display one below the other in text box 1 but the cost of the last selection replaces the previous selection in text box 2. No matter how many selections are displayed in text box 1 only 1 value is displayed in text box 2. I've searched here and many sources but haven't found an answer to this. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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