they say more eyes are better than two. Can anyone see if they can see where my syntax error is in the code below:
Set rsin = Dbs.OpenRecordset("SELECT DISTINCT tblUnclaimed.PassNumber, tblUnclaimed.EmployeeName, EmployeeInfo.Address, EmployeeInfo.City, EmployeeInfo.State, EmployeeInfo.ZIP, EmployeeInfo.L3, EmployeeInfo.L5, tblUnclaimed.Original_Check_Date, tblUnclaimed.Amount_of_Check, EmployeeInfo.Status " _
& "FROM EmployeeInfo RIGHT JOIN tblUnclaimed ON (EmployeeInfo.L1 = tblUnclaimed.L1) AND (EmployeeInfo.Pass_Number = tblUnclaimed.PassNumber) " _
& "WHERE (((EmployeeInfo.Status) Like 'N*') AND ((EmployeeInfo.Union_Code) In (Unioncode) AND ((tblUnclaimed.Status) In ('R','P','N'))) OR (((EmployeeInfo.Union_Code) In (Unioncode) AND ((tblUnclaimed.Status) In ('R','P','N')) AND ((Len([EmployeeInfo].[Status]))=1)) " _
& "AND tblUnclaimed.ReIssued_Check_Date Between #Begindate# And #Enddate# " _
& "ORDER BY EmployeeInfo.L3, EmployeeInfo.L5, tblUnclaimed.PassNumber, tblUnclaimed.Original_Check_Date;")
Any quick response will be appreciated.