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    Recursive calls and SQL queries are very slow


    I need fill up the nodes of a treeView with data from a Data base table. The data in the database table are in hierarchycal form like this:

    nodeID    nodeParentID
       1                0
       2                1
       3                2
       4                1
       5                1
       6                5
    I fill up the treeView with a recursive function, making reiterative queries. It works, but it's extremely slow!

    There is another way to speed this up?

    I show you my recursive function:

    'The function fill up a treeView of products (supplies) that belong to certains departments(depto) in a store.
    Private Sub addSupplies(dbConn As ADODB.Connection, _
                                       codeParent As String)
        Dim tmpRs As ADODB.Recordset
        Dim tmpPrm As ADODB.Parameter
        Dim tmpCmd As ADODB.Command
       'treeViewSupplies is the name of the treeView Control
        Set tmpRs = New ADODB.Recordset
        Set tmpPrm = New ADODB.Parameter
        'The queries are stored in an Access database
        With tmpPrm
            .Name = "codeParent"
            .Type = adVarChar
            .Size = Len(codeParent)
            .Direction = adParamInput
            .Value = codeParent
        End With
        Set tmpCmd = New ADODB.Command
        With tmpCmd
            Set .ActiveConnection = dbConn
            .CommandText = "qrySearchDepto"
            .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
            Call .Parameters.Append(tmpPrm)
        End With
        ' This is the SQL code for this stored query: _
          SELECT deptoCode, deptoDesc FROM tblDepto WHERE deptoIdParent=[codeParent]
        Call tmpRs.Open(tmpCmd, , adOpenStatic)
       'First the departments are put in the treeView
        Do While Not tmpRs.EOF
            Call treeViewSupplies.Nodes.Add(codeParent, _
                                        tvwChild, tmpRs.Fields("deptoCode").Value, _
            ' The recursive call is done here
            Call addSupplies(dbConn, tmpRs.Fields("deptoCode").Value)
            Call tmpRs.MoveNext
        Call tmpRs.Close
        ' Once a department doesn't have "children", the treeView is filled up _
           with products that belong to it.
        With tmpCmd
            .CommandText = "qrySearchSuppliesByParent"
        End With
        ' This is the SQL code for this stored query: _
          SELECT supplyCode, supplyDesc FROM tblSupplies WHERE deptoIdFK=[deptoCode]
        Call tmpRs.Open(tmpCmd, , adOpenStatic)
        set tmpPrm = nothing
        Do While Not tmpRs.EOF
            Call treeViewSupplies.Nodes.Add(codeParent, tvwChild, _
                                            tmpRs.Fields("supplyCode").Value, _
            Call tmpRs.MoveNext
        Call tmpRs.Close
        Set tmpRs = Nothing
    End Sub
    I've tried to change the parametrized queries by SQL code in VB but there is no diference.

    Sorry for my bad english

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    How many records are returned in your recordset?

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    Oct 2005
    I've found the solution.

    The problem was that the tables are linked from access to an Oracle database. I tested the same code but with the table completely in access without links and it run fast

    Thank you

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Thanks for posting your solution.

    Using Linked tables will definately slow things down.

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