Xml/php voting system, help need!!

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Thread: Xml/php voting system, help need!!

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    Xml/php voting system, help need!!

    Hi there, I'm creating a PHP/XML-based voting system. There are 24 options for a user to vote from, and ideally I'd like the user to see a picture of each person they vote for. So far, I've managed to list all the names of people up for voting from a "poll.xml" file in my "poll.php" file which is what web users will go to in order to vote. It also correctly updates the tally in the XML file when a person is voted for. The only thing that doesn't work now is trying to get an image to display next to each person's name...any ideas? Or would I have to learn XSLT to do this? (I have none currently, just a plain XML file and PHP file).

    Thanks for your time! Appropriate sections of each file are below

    PHP Code:
    function printVotingForm($pid) {
    // get these variables in this scope
    global $polls$header_file$footer_file;

    // include header file

    // print poll title and form
    echo "<h3 style=\"text-align: center\">" $polls->poll[$pid]['title'] . "</h3>\n";
    "<form action=\"" $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "\" method=\"post\">\n";
    "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"pid\" value=\"$pid\" />\n";
    "<ul style=\"list-style-type: none\">\n";

    // count number of answers
    $no_answers count($polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer);

    // print each answer as a checkbox
    if ($polls->poll[$pid]->multipleanswers == "yes") {
            for (
    $i 0$i $no_answers$i++) {
    "<li><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"vote[]\" value=\"" $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->name "\" />" $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->name "</li>\n";

    // print each answer as a radio button
    else {
            for (
    $i 0$i $no_answers$i++) {
    "<li><input type=\"radio\" name=\"vote\" value=\"" $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->name "\" />" $polls->poll[$pid]->answers->answer[$i]->name "</li>\n";

    "<p style=\"text-align: center\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Vote\" /> or <a href=\"" $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] . "?pid=$pid&view_results=1\">View Results</a></p>\n";

    // include footer file

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <poll title="Who do you think should win the vote this year?">

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    Welcome to DevX

    I would image it would be something like
    <html:img src="http://somesite.com/someimage.jpg" />
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