I need to use Rich Edit text field in a dialog box that's a part of MFC App Wizard(DLL based) project. I am using VC++ 6.0.

Now I went through google and found out about using AfxInitRichEdit() in the InitInstance() method and using wWinMainCRTStartup in EntryPointSymbol in the Link->Output setting. But since it is a DLL based project,so I did not find any InitInstance() method.

But at one point of code, it does have a WM_INITDIALOG, where I tried to use AfxInitRichEdit().It cribbed stating error "error C2065: 'AfxInitRichEdit' : undeclared identifier". Now I cannot use "stdafx.h" coz we are already using "windows.h".

Next I found out that we can use LoadLibrary(TEXT("RICHED20.DLL")). I put that in place of AfxInitRichEdit().It built fine,but then when I tried to reproduce the dialog box, it cribbed again.

So now I am in a fix, as to how can I use RichEdit in my DLL based project.Can anyone help me out in solving this issue?

Adding up, actually I need to type Japanese characters in a text field in that dialog box.Currently it uses a normal edit box, which has been tuned to accept CString.May be because of that when I try to do so,the characters appear garbled. So I am replacing that normal text/edit field with a Rich Edit control. Is there any other way I can display Japanese characters properly in the text field without using Rich Edit ? Again I would like to repeat that its a DLL based project.