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    Dec 2008

    Word Add-in is not loaded if Outlook is open

    Hi Everyone,
    I have created a word 2003 add-in, Which loads an Icon at the Startup to the word toolbar.
    I can View/open this add-in if I Open an MS Word document except one state.
    i.e If I open a Microsoft Outlook 2003, and then Open a Word 2003 Document then the add-in is not loaded.

    - I guess the reason is Outlook loads a Word document as an editor; -

    Please let me know if anyone has a solution to this.


    Neal Gabriel

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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    If you open Word and the Outlook, does it remove the addin?

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    Dec 2008
    The scenario is Outlook 2003 uses Word Doument in Create new Message, i.e When outlook is started, It loads a copy of winword.exe; Maybe because of this, If we open a word doucument after this, it does not load the created add-in in the word document, instead it loads the addin in the outlook new message form.

    However, if the Word Document is opened First and then Outlook, there wont be any problem.

    This occurs only when the outlook is opened before you open a word document.

    I know the Scenario, All I need is a Solution to this.

    I found a temp solution to this by Loading the addin in the WindowActivate function, insted of loading it in the startup, But I guess this is not the correct solution to the bug,
    Since the addin Icon is diaplayed [Icon Space is Still there in the Add-in] only when the Application Window is Minimized and Maximized / Restore to Normal State or Activate another window... or mouse over to the icon!

    In Short a Redraw is required

    Hope to find a good solution to this.
    Neal Gabriel
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