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    COMException in VBA Collection

    Hi All,

    I am converting a Visual Basic 6.0 application to C#.

    I need to use VBA Collection object(that is cliect requirements).But sometimes while getting the items from collection object as "

    objCollection.Item(ref objclsBOMPresentations)" ,it is giving COMException.So I need to give one if else block to get the type of the item index.

    As you can see in the code,that is hardcoded.So I am giving try catch exception to make the control go on.Please suggest me how can I implement IF-Else here.
                              object rObj ;
                                object objcls1 = "cls1 ";
                                object objcls2 = "cls2";
                                VBA.Collection objCollection = (VBA.Collection)myToolFrame.ActiveObjects;
                                    rObj = objCollection.Item(ref objcls1);
                                    m_windowDistributor_ActivateCurrent(ref rObj);
                                catch (COMException exception)
                                   //Giving exception here if the item is not cls1 type
                                    rObj = objCollection.Item(ref objcls2);
                                    m_windowDistributor_ActivateCurrent(ref rObj);
                                catch(COMException exception)
                                 //Giving exception here if the item is not cls2 type                          
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    Try using an empty Catch....

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