I am performing a bunch of concurrent queries, 12 Java threads executing
400 consecutive updates to be precise - all on the same 2 Db2 tables. The
Db2 version is 8.1 with fixpak 2 running on Windows 2000 professional. The
purpose of this program is to generate DB2 database deadlock(s) in order
to test my database deadlock handling Java code. However the test eventually
fails with a closed/null connection/communication type error as a result
of the DB2 instance crashing unexpectedly. One of the DB2 support guys recommended
to a colleague of mine to increase the default stack size for db2syscs.exe
using the db2hdr utility as follows:

f:\ibm\db2\misc>db2hdr f:\ibm\db2\bin\db2syscs.exe /s:512,32

which solved the problem for him on his own Db2 server( also version 8.1
with fixpak 2 running on Windows 2000 professional) but when I went to execute
the same command on mine(same spec) I get this output:
could not restore f:\ibm\db2\bin\db2syscs.exe.backup do it manually

so I then execute 'db2syscs.exe.backup' manually and then stop and restart
the DB2 instance however the stack size change doesn't seem to have taken
effect as my original instance crash problem is still occurring.
Is there something I'm doing wrong/overlooking perhaps, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance,

Martha Fitzharris