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    Problem with Finding Records on Dates


    I am a new user in VISUAL BASIC.

    I have a form which I placed 2 DTPicker for dates

    The structure of my table is

    Field Type

    startdate ( Date )
    amount ( Number )

    The name of DTPicker component is as a sdate and edate

    Inside the form I used this code

    dummy.Source = "select * from payments where startdate >= #" & sdate & "# and startdate <= #" & edate & "# order by startdate"

    If dummy.BOF = True And dummy.EOF = True Then
    MsgBox "Record Not Found"
    Exit Sub
    List1.AddItem "--------------------------------------------"
    List1.AddItem sdate & " to " & edate
    List1.AddItem "--------------------------------------------"

    While Not dummy.EOF
    Me.List1.AddItem dummy.Fields("startdate")
    End If

    If I select the dates from dtpickers like sdate="02/01/2009" and edate="04/01/2009"
    its give me the messge record not found instead of in the table there is a record.

    If I select the dates from dtpickers like sdate="04/01/2009" and edate="04/01/2009"
    its give me the again same messge record not found although there is a record in the table.Its should find the record but its give me the nothing

    Please help me in this matter.


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    If your database only has the date in it, no time part, then you may need to
    strip off the default time part of each date. But if your database does have
    date and time parts you may need to strip off the default times and hard
    code the min and max time parts.
    'just remove the time part
    dummy.Source = "select * from payments where startdate >= #" & Fix(sdate) & "# and startdate <= #" & Fix(edate) & "# order by startdate"
    'remove and then hard code the time parts
    dummy.Source = "select * from payments where startdate >= #" & Fix(sdate) & " 00:00:00# and startdate <= #" & Fix(edate) & " 23:59:59# order by startdate"
    FYI: Dates are stored as numbers where the whole part is the date and the
    decimal part it the time, so using the Fix() function truncates the decimal
    part, the time, making it just a date.

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    Jan 2009
    Thanks for the reply. I tried to both queries with fix function but the result is same nothing to change.

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    What is "dummy"?

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