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Thread: .Net framework

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    Jul 2007

    .Net framework

    so C++ project that uses .Net library will be running slower right?
    since it compiled to (IL) and not native machine code? then .Net CLR
    will translate the (IL) code on the fly at runtime?

    Is the .Net CLR similar to Java virtual machine then? since Java is
    translated to byte code (intermediate code) and Java virtural machine
    is translate to machine code on the fly.

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    Sep 2008
    You are correct that .Net code is compiled into IL. However, on the first run of the code, the CLR converts the IL to native. So any subsequent run will be running as native machine code.

    Also, .Net code isn't always slower. Sometimes it's faster. It really just depends on what you are doing. If you are doing intensive math calculations, then yes, it will be slower than non-.Net C++. But for most purposes, the speed differences are negligible.

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