I have programmed in one form of BASIC or another since the early 80’s, as a hobby (all self taught, so I'm no expert). The last year has been spent converting to vb.net. From vb6.

Now to the point. For a good deal of that time I had been thinking I should learn “C”. I put it off, thinking it would be too difficult , anyway I thought I would bite the bullet and have a go at learning C sharp. Well I am very pleasantly surprised. After about 10 hours I no longer feel daunted, I feel I know enough to have a go at writing programs. I write this not to boast, but to encourage anyone like me who has been putting it off. It’s not that bad, have a go.

I’ve pasted some of the links I found most useful below, in case others might find them useful.

Microsoft C sharp development centre http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vcsharp/default.aspx

Home and learn simple tutorial http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/csharp/csharp_s1p1.html

Meshplex, More depth than above http://www.meshplex.org/wiki/C_Sharp_Tutorial

Haven’t tried this but it looks useful http://www.csharp-station.com/Tutorial.aspx

And of course this forum!

One question.

As I understand it, and I might be wrong. The main advantages of ‘classic’ C were.

a) It was faster than even a compiled BASIC program.
b) You could do things with it that you could not do in BASIC.

A gain as I understand it and please correct me if I’m wrong!

C sharp, VB.NET and all other current Microsoft (.net) languages access the same .net framework elements so I would expect that you ought to be able to achieve the same outcome in either language. Furthermore I would expect that finished, compiled, runtime code would be similar, there for I would expect running speed to be similar.

So to the question- other than C sharp programmers, perhaps, being more employable, is there any real advantage to C sharp over VB.net?