gridview page index change with same page link

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Thread: gridview page index change with same page link

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    gridview page index change with same page link


    i have a web page with 2 gridviews stacked vertically, something like below.

    |--------------- Gridview 1----------------------jump to GV 2-------------------|




    Back to top

    |--------------------Gridview 2 ---------------------------------- |




    i have setup a same-page link at the top of the page to jump to the 2nd gridview, which works fine. my problem is:

    when there are multiple pages of data returned in gridview2, and the user clicks '2' or '3' to go to the next page of gridview2 results, the page is reloaded and displays from the top.

    question: is there a way to incorporate the same page link on page index change of the gridview? when the user changes pages in gridview2, have the page reload and jump to the named anchor on the page mypage.aspx#gridview2


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    Smile alternate solution

    well, after more digging, i figured out an alternate way to place the user at the second gridview. in case it will help anyone else:

    added a javascript function to the page source that uses scrollintoview


    <script type="text/javascript">
    function scrollToStu()
    var el = document.getElementById("studentgrid");


    next, in the code behind file, i added a registerStartupScript command in the PageIndexChanging function of the 2nd gridview.

    protected void stugridView_PageIndexChanging(object sender, GridViewPageEventArgs e)


    RegisterStartupScript("scrolling", "<script>scrollToStu()</script>");


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    Thanks for posting your solution and welcome to DevX

    Hopefully your post will help someone else with the same or similiar problem.

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