I'm currently trying to run a program in which computes grades per weighted percentages.. I've gotten everything right all the way up til formatting the string to 2 decimal places. In the red towards the bottom is where im guessing im messing up.. also I know my code is a little choppy... so any help would be greatly appreciated!! thank you, tony

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class Assign3

	public static void main(String[] args)

		String hw = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter homework weight percentage:");

		String midterm = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter midterm weight 


		String finalex = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter final exam weight 


		int p1 = Integer.parseInt(hw);
		int p2 = Integer.parseInt(midterm);
		int p3 = Integer.parseInt(finalex);
		int p4 = 10;
		String hws = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter homework score: (0-600 

		String mts = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter midterm score (0-100 points):");
		String fs = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter final score (0-100 points):");
		String labs = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter lab participation score (0-100 


		int x1 = Integer.parseInt(hws);
		int x11 = (x1 / 6);	
		int x2 = Integer.parseInt(mts);
		int x3 = Integer.parseInt(fs);
		int x4 = Integer.parseInt(labs);
		int output1 = (((p1*x11)+(p2*x2)+(p3*x3)+(p4*x4)) / 100); 
		String output = Integer.toString(output1);

		output = String.format("%.2d", output);
		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, output);