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Thread: patch not working as example

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    Feb 2007

    patch not working as example

    I'm using the code found here. I am trying to insert some new code as per the instructions here. I have not been successful. The code i think I'm supposed to change is,

    IE7.CSS.addFix(/background(-image)?\s*:\s*([^};]*)?url\(([^\)]+)\)([^;}]*)?/,function(a,b,c,d,f){d=cC(d);return bi.test(d)?"filter:"+i(bx,d,"crop")+";zoom:1;background"+(b||"")+":"+(c||"")+"none"+(f||""):a});
    And its updated form should be like,

    	IE7.CSS.addFix(/background(-image)?\s*:\s*([^};]*)?url\(([^\)]+)\)([^;}]*)?/,function(match, $1, $2, url, $4) {
    		url = getString(url);
    		// Hack for bg repeating support
    		var repeatExp = new RegExp('repeat-[xy]','i');
    		var scalingMethod = 'image'; // or crop
    		var overflow = '';
    		if (repeatExp.test($4)) {
    			var scalingMethod = 'scale';
    			overflow = 'overflow:hidden;';
    		return PNG.test(url) ? overflow + "filter:" + format(PNG_FILTER, url, scalingMethod) + ";zoom:1;background" + ($1||"") + ":" + ($2||"") + "none" + ($4||"") : match;
    Why is it not working? Thanks much.

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    Oct 2005
    I think it's better to ask "SegreyG" the author of the code, or near the google code lab, it's very difficult to find someone here reading the whole code to detect what's not working correctly ...
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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