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    Mar 2005

    FileUpload problem

    I have use the fileupload package and encountered error on this line in bold.

    DiskFileItemFactory factory = new DiskFileItemFactory();
    // maximum size that will be stored in memory
    // the location for saving data that is larger than getSizeThreshold()
    factory.setRepository(new File("/tmp"));

    ServletFileUpload upload = new ServletFileUpload(factory);
    // maximum size before a FileUploadException will be thrown

    List fileItems = upload.parseRequest(request);
    // assume we know there are two files. The first file is a small
    // text file, the second is unknown and is written to a file on
    // the server
    Iterator i = fileItems.iterator();
    String comment = ((FileItem)i.next()).getString();
    FileItem fi = (FileItem)i.next();
    // filename on the client
    String fileName = fi.getName();
    // save comment and filename to database
    // write the file
    fi.write(new File("/www/uploads/", fileName));

    Error catch:
    org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$IOFileUploadException: Processing of multipart/form-data request failed. \tmp\upload_144f6414_11f26db7ce1__7ff8_00000000.tmp (The system cannot find the path specified)Processing of multipart/form-data request failed. \tmp\upload_144f6414_11f26db7ce1__7ff8_00000000.tmp (The system cannot find the path specified)

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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Have you verified that the path specfied does, in fact, exist?

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    Mar 2005
    I tried to put C:/ also cannot.

    fi.write(new File("C:/", fileName));

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    Feb 2009
    Hi abcat,

    you are using i.next() twice, it is creating problem to you.

    You have only item in iterator. whenever Iterator.next() method encountered, it will return the element and also pointer will start pointing to next element. Please use some refrence variable and use that instead of using i.next(). Or if you want to traverse please put a check on i.next().

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