Data Retrieval Problem

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Thread: Data Retrieval Problem

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    Data Retrieval Problem

    I have two Tables as following:
    1. LOG having fields( id number,usrname text, pass text)
    2. UsrDet having fields( id number, nameFst text, NameLst text,Email text)
    I want when user enters his Username & Password, My code should return ID of that user from LOG table and on behalf of that ID I wanted to welcome that user by fetching his Fisrt Name from USRDET table on next page. To test the Code I still wanted to show the retrieved value in LABEL… The Code I m using is as Following but I m not able to fetch UserID..PLS help me by altering this code:
        Dim con As OleDbConnection
        Dim comm As OleDbDataAdapter
        Dim dtset As New DataSet
        Dim sql As String
        Dim NewSQL As String
    Private Sub BtnLogin_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles BtnLogin.Click
            If txtUsrName.Text <> "" And txtPwd.Text <> "" Then
                sql = "select id from log where uname=" & "'" & txtUsrName.Text & "'" & " and pass=" & "'" & txtPwd.Text & "'"
                con = New OleDbConnection("provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;datasource=c:\comp.mdb")
                comm = New OleDbDataAdapter(sql, con)
                comm.Fill(dtset, "log")
                If dtset.Tables("log").Rows.Count > 0 Then
                    Dim usrID As Integer
                    NewSQL = "select NameFst from usrdet where id=" & usrID
                    comm = New OleDbDataAdapter(NewSQL, con)
                    comm.Fill(dtset, "usrdet")
                    'fstName = dtset.Tables("USRDET")
                    lblMsg.Visible = True
                    lblMsg.Text = usrID
                    lblMsg.Visible = True
                    lblMsg.Text = "Invalid Logon Information"
                End If
            End If
        End Sub

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    Welcome to DevX

    Try something like
    sql = "select [ number], usrdet.nameFst
     sql = sql & "inner join userdet on [ number] = [ number]
     sql = sql & "from log logtbl "
     sql = sql & "where uname = '" &  txtUsrName.Text & "' " 
     sql = sql & "and pass = '" & txtPwd.Text & "' "
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