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    Unhappy VB6 Program UPDATES via Internet

    Hello all. I am still using vb6 on a fairly daily basis. I have created a program for a couple of friends and emailed it to them. One thing we have talked about trying to do is make the program update itself using the web instead of having to email a new executable to them each time an update is done.

    I found a post on freevbcode.com site that got me almost to my goal.


    I used this code and followed all of the instructions (Or at least I think I did). I have an updated file on my web site and I have actually gotten this little updater to go online, check the version online and check the version on the local computer.

    Anyway, everything works except when the new executable file is downloaded I cannot open it. Whenever I click on it it just opens a ms-dos command prompt window for a brief second and then closes.

    If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    I just need a program that will update my programs via the internet.


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    Talking I figured it out.

    After hours of searching and trial and error, I used the program that I referenced in my last post. The only difference is instead of trying to update the executable straight up, I had it update a zip file from the website to the computer. Then I unzipped the file and and it works like a champ.

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    Welcome to DevX and thanks for coming back and posting your solution.

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