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Thread: Which AJAX IDE?

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    Which AJAX IDE?

    I am interested in moving my existing in-house applications to AJAX. Most of our internal interfaces were built with Visual Basic 6. It is time to do some reprogramming and I would like to use a more open platform so I can have the flexibility to use browser based thin client computers for those users who do not need access to Microsoft Office and other OS dependent applications.

    I have been doing some learning with Dojo and Yahoo interfaces and I think I can get most of the functionality we need out of them. The issue is the amount of time it is taking me to code all of the forms by hand and then change them when someone makes a suggestion.

    Is there any kind of graphical IDE that can be used to build the interfaces for AJAX projects? I have tried Wavemaker, but most of the developers have been put off by what they have to do to layout the screens the way they want to. Something that would allow the interface objects to be placed anywhere on the screen using absolute top and left properties would definitely be nice.

    I have been thinking about just making up my own screen layout program to do this, but if there is already something out there I would rather spend my time on the effort to redo our applications rather than building a new tool.

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    This sounds promising.

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