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Thread: Wrong dll called because InprocServer32 data in registry

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    Feb 2009

    Wrong dll called because InprocServer32 data in registry

    I do not know if this is the correct place for this post so if anyone opposes, please let me know.

    I have built an installation package using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Setup project.

    In my application I need to use a COM dll. This dll is copied with the installation and I have added a custom action script to run regsvr32 for this dll. All is fine so far.

    The problem arises when I run my program.
    The dll in question is OPCDAAuto.dll. When I get the servers for my node, one of the OPC servers has another version of the dll registered and calls this which causes my applikation to crash (because I need the newer version).

    When I check the registry I have the CLSID\InprocServer32 key. In there I find the defaul data to point to my newly registered dll ... fine. BUT ... I also have a darwin coded InprocServer32 data which points to the older version of the dll.
    If I just remove the InprocServer32 data it works fine.
    I want to do it in a clean and correct manner though.

    So ... to my question(s):
    1. What is the InprocServer32 data (mind you ... not the key)?
    2. How do I set up the registry correctly for my dll to be called?

    Input and ideas are greatly appreciated ...

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    Feb 2009
    Ok, nobody seems to be familiar with this.

    I actually got an answer from a microsoft forum. If you are interested, check this thread:


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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Thanks for coming back and posting your solution. It could help others.

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