extract link from web pages

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Thread: extract link from web pages

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    Feb 2009

    extract link from web pages

    hi everyone,
    I would like to do a project in java. The aim is like a software that is similar to a web grabber. But not exactly one. What we intend that software to do is that when we go to a page on the net, we should be able to donwload the text contents of the page (pictures, voices, video etc not required) and also the immediate hyperlinks available on the page and the pages to where they navigate to...

    Any sort of help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    What have you got so far?
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    Havent got anywhere... just started... And only the idea is formulated... why isnt anyone replying?

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    Why isnt anyone replying?

    Actually, someone did reply, they asked you what you had so far?

    Beyond that, you'll find that people here generally don't write your software for you. If you post some code with specific questions, you'll get better results.

    If you have specific questions about how to do something (i.e. how do I read a line of text from a web page?) that you can't reasonably find a good Google answer for, you'll probably also get a response.

    When you say "I want to write this major project, tell me what to do", not so much.

    Do some research, get your project started, and post back with specific questions.

    Good luck,

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