Dear all,
I have used the below mentioned code to open a web page in IE & accessing it's elements to fill up the form. I have done it successfully but now want it with the help of Firefox & Opera. Can any body help me out in this regard?? Thanks in advance.
<=========== Code Attached======================>
oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
URL = ""
oIE.Visible = True

'You need to find the name of the textbox & the name fo the "Submit" button of your webpage.
'I recommed you to use "IE Developer Toolbar" to find hease items on the webapge.
Do While oIE.readyState <> 4 And oIE.Busy

For intX = 0 To oIE.document.forms.length - 1
For intI = 0 To oIE.Document.Forms(intX).GetElementsByTagName("INPUT").length - 1
If (oIE.Document.Forms(intX).GetElementsByTagName("INPUT").Item(intI).GetAttribute("type").To String.Trim <> "submit" And oIE.Document.Forms(intX).GetElementsByTagName("INPUT").Item(intI).GetAttribute("type").ToS tring.Trim <> "button") Then
strName = strName + "--" + oIE.Document.Forms(intX).GetElementsByTagName("INPUT").Item(intI).Name
End If