Testing a file to see if it is already open in vb2008

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Thread: Testing a file to see if it is already open in vb2008

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    Testing a file to see if it is already open in vb2008

    I want to make changes to a file but only if it is not in use by another program.

    I have seen several things on the net that all suggest I should

    a) see if the file exists.
    b) Try to rename it. If I can it is not open and I should rename it back and proceed. If I canít then another program has it open.

    This seems logical but when I try it doesnít work.

    I have confirmed that is an error in the approach, rather than in code because if I find a program in windows explorer and rename it I can. If I open the file in, say , notepad I can still rename the file in windows explorer! When I save the file in notepad it just creates a copy of the file with the original name.

    I have also tried locking the file hoping that it would generate an error if it tried to lock a file that was already open.
         FileOpen(1, fnap_file_name_and_path, OpenMode.Input, , OpenShare.LockReadWrite)
                End Try
    I am using XP pro.

    Any help appreciated.



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    Thanks alot,

    I,m working on something esle at the moment but I'll have a look when I come back to it.


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