I develop an application under Visual BASIC with a data base INFORMIX. I
use a requete with traditional clause BETWEEN on fields of the Date type.
Apparamment, my ODBC (Informix 3.34 32 BIT) does not understand BETWEEN
whereas. My query goes very well on INFORMIX SQL. On the other hand, under
VB not.

I use a requete where I récupere two dates seized by the user:

sSqlWhere = sSqlWhere & "AND tete_lanc.date_l >= #" & msk_DateDeb_Comm.Text
& "# AND tete_lanc.date_l <= #" & msk_DateFin_Comm.Text & "# "

This requete (with the seized dates in this manner) walk very well on the
level of the manager of data of VB

The problem is that I am made throw VB (on the level of the code) with the
execution of the code below:

rsRecordset.Open sSql, cnBase

rsRecordset : is an ADODB.Recordset
sSql is a STRING
cnBase est de type ADODB.Connection : my string connexion

My requete walk very well without the seized dates

The problem is as soon as I execute this requete under VB, I have the message
according to ' ERROR APPLICATION VB6 '

Thank you in advance for your assistance