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    Question comparative study of Jonas / Jboss / Glassfish / Geronimo

    Hi everybody

    My company wants to develop an application (of NGOSS type) which will be interfaced on back-end with a (NMS type) network, and on front-end with the Internet. Here is a scheme of the structure:

    {Internet [few client apps]} <-> {application server [our NGOSS soft]} <-> {NMS network (hundreds of equipements)}.

    So we have a big interest about clusturing, failover, and load balancing features. We have made a study about the technical details of each project, and we also got the testimonials of a lot of users from each project on the internet. Finally, we made a comparative array.

    But since this array is partially based on the feelings of the persons we interviewed there might be some myths mixed with the truth.

    Could you please comment on what you think is correct and what is incorrect please? (the array is in attachement)

    Thank you very much!
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    There is no need to answer anymore. Thank you for your interest. I would just add a warning: If someone makes one day a research and find this topic, don't use this array, lot of things in it are incorrect .

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