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    Real-time application issue

    I am now designing a real time and critical application using Java in IBM AIX platform. Performance is the most important factor. To achieve this I have following queries:

    1. Interprocess communication - What is the best method in Java can be used? i.e. socket.... Actually, is there any difference if the process communication is not in the same server?

    2. How Java can implement the usage of memory?i.e. access or write data to memory....Any reference?

    3. I found that there is 'real-time java', anyone has tried it?


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    Its important that you decide up front whether or not the processes will be on different servers as the design will be very different.

    If it is on the same server and you want to run it in the same JVM, then an observer/observable or a master/worker pattern would work well.

    If you want them on different machines or different JVM's then you could use socket comms, or a shared cache such as EHCache to manage the work.
    Hope this helps

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