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    Aug 2008

    QUARTZ Schedulers not starting for specified time in Oracle DB


    Iam facing an issue with quartz schedulers, details below,

    We are using Quartz along with OSWorkflow and WebWork in our J2EE application with Oracle DB support.

    The jobs are storing into the Oracle DB(tables starts with QRTZ_ ) when a action performed in application, for the particular time(Start time and next fire time) the job is not strarting to trigger, the records stay in DB as inserted.

    It is happening for our production environment, hence not able to debug much on this issue.

    In logs I could not find any exceptions about this triggers. I hope the triggers is failing to attempt/start the scheduler.

    Please provide your suggestion on this why the triggers failed to execute for the specified time frame.


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    Aug 2008
    any info available on quartz scheduler issues...

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