SQL Stored Procedure not giving correct results

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Thread: SQL Stored Procedure not giving correct results

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    SQL Stored Procedure not giving correct results


    I've been working on a stored procedure on my SQL server to basically do a few things:

    1. Look at an oncall schedule for any given day.
    2. See who is oncall for that day, and if there are more than one results for any schedule, present them back to me.
    3. If no one is on call for that day, present a "No o/c listed" result back to me.

    I can get the first two to work but not the last part. I have the SP and will post it if anyone would like to see it.

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    Without knowing what you tried that hasn't worked and the structure of the table that the information is being stored in that you are trying to retrieve it would be difficult to offer anything remotely constructive.

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