which platform is better to set the career either VC++ or Java

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Thread: which platform is better to set the career either VC++ or Java

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    which platform is better to set the career either VC++ or Java


    I have 3+ years of experience in java.
    I heard that there is very much demand for VC++ programmers than Java.
    During my experience, i got realized that any plople can come into Java by
    having just 3 months of training. So that the Java market has been flooded
    with many java developers. As the number of java developers is increased, obviously the demand for Java developer is reduced, because for example, if a person is very good affluent in EJB (its Java's most demanding thing, like DCOM ) and if he demands more salary then companies look for another one because more people are there in market.

    So, i dont want to be such kind of developer.

    I want a field where the developer should always has demand like hotcake.

    I enquired many people personally, the majority of people suggested to go for VC++.

    Could u please suggest about the VC++ market ?

    If i shift my career to vc++ , i am very confident to coup up with VC++.

    so could any body give valuable advice


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    My advice is that you never restrict yourself to mainly one language. There will always be new languages and there will often be demand for good people in other languages. Here's your slogan: "I can do that, or I can learn it quick."

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    My advice is to be better than average at what you're doing. If you like Java and can surpass the skill level of the average Java developer, your chances of finding a job are pretty good. As for VC++: there's always demand for such programmers. Remember that it takes time to master Windows programming though.
    Danny Kalev

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    I have to agree with hendrixj and Danny. Every language has its use and it can be a big advantage to draw experience from a multitude of them.
    Do you want to work as a quantitative analyst? => look into mathematica, ML, OCAML, or the like
    Do you wish to program artificial intelligence? => get familiar with PROLOG, SCHEME, ...
    GUI is your thing? => C#, Java, HTML, ASP.Net ... (or try QT: it's a multi-platform C++ IDE that is ideal for GUIs and very easy to use and it's GPL, so free for download)
    File manipulation and admin is your thing? => PERL is the way to go

    You can do all of these things with C++ (or almost any other multi-purpose language), but it's a choice of convenience you have to make.

    Danny's comment about C++ is also very true: C++ is a language not easily mastered. There is a lot to take in, even if you have a solid background in a variety of other languages. To become proficient you have to do a lot of reading and practicing. But once you're better than average you will find you will also be in demand...

    One more thing I'd like to add: the more languages you played around with the more you will find that syntax is the least of your worries. Programming is happening to 80% in the brain (and on scrap paper) and the actual coding is the easiest part once you know how you approach a problem and dissect it into programmable parts. And This activity is the same whatever your poison of choice....
    Life is a short warm moment -
    Death is the long cold rest.
    Pink Floyd

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