Dear all,

Background: Rabbit Microcontroller.
Accessing the board via Telnet. TCP/IP
Uses VT100 Emulation Telnet.

I had been thinking how do I check whether a user had keyed in an UP ARROW and bring up his previously entered command. I tried to do a HEX key capture and they returned me 3 HEX numbers.

I am using a Switch Case, I can't combine these 3 HEX codes together and match the UP ARROW as one case.

Each of my character is received from a buffer and not captured as an input string stream.

Meaning, one char by one char it goes into a char variable read from the buffer.

HEX KEY for UP arrow is 1b 5b 41

I checked up the net and they gave me 1E as UP ARROW but funny thing is it can't work!


(Can't work)
case '\x1E':
do somthing...

(Compile error)
case '\x1b\x5b\x41'
Do something

thanks for reading. I am using Dynamic C compiler, its not those normal ANSI compiler I guess. Its from the microcontroller manufacturer