database connection via adodb/adox in excel

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Thread: database connection via adodb/adox in excel

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    database connection via adodb/adox in excel

    ok, so this may be basic since i'm not really a programmer- but when i try to run the following code to connect to a DB via an EXCEL spreadsheet, it seems to work fine until i get to the "cat.Tables.Append tbl" line near the end of the code. At which point i get error 3251 "Object or provider is not capable of performing requested operation". if i debug on the cnn variable i see 1 error "Driver's SQLConnectAttr failed" if i use the MSDASQL/Access connection or an "invalid connection string attribute" for the SQLOLEDB/SQL Server connection (commented out). but the strange thing is that if i check cnn.state it's equal to 1 after i try to open the connection (i believe indicating that the connection is actually open since it's 0 before). and i can see via windows explorer that the code creates a 1k test.lmd file in the directory where test.mdb resides (the access db i'm trying to connect to). so on one hand it looks like the connection occurs but there's an error message in the cnn debug screen indicating that the connection failed.
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection
    Dim cat As ADOX.Catalog
    Dim tbl As ADOX.Table
    Dim ky As ADOX.Key
    Set cnn = New ADODB.Connection
    cnn.Provider = "MSDASQL"
    cnn.ConnectionString = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _
            "DBQ=C:\save space\workspace\funds\TIPS\test.mdb; ReadOnly=False;"
    'cnn.Provider = "SQLOLEDB"
    'cnn.ConnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server};" & _
    '        "server=FIT-OCONNLC-P01\SQLEXPRESS; database=HistoricalData; 
    Trusted_Connection=yes; "
    Set cat = New ADOX.Catalog
    cat.ActiveConnection = cnn
    Set tbl = New ADOX.Table
    tbl.Name = "tblTBond"
    tbl.Columns.Append "SecurityDes", adVarChar, 100
    tbl.Columns.Append "Issuer", adVarChar, 50
    tbl.Columns.Append "IssueDate", adDBDate
    tbl.Columns.Append "MaturityDate", adDBDate
    tbl.Columns.Append "Coupon", adDouble
    cat.Tables.Append tbl
    Set cat.ActiveConnection = Nothing
    Set cat = Nothing
    Set tbl = Nothing
    Set ky = Nothing
    End Sub
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