VB email using SMTP

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Thread: VB email using SMTP

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    VB email using SMTP

    Does anyone know where I can get some sample code to send email using SMTP? I've looked at a couple of sites but nothing is simple enough for me to understand.

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    They really don't get a whole lot simpler than these examples.

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    If you are looking for simple, you should look for a 3rd party SMTP library/dll that supports VB6 (COM) and has the basics including attachments, optional SMTP authorization, etc.

    Sending via SMTP is really not that difficult to implement yourself. SMTP is a text-based sockets protocol which is well documented. There is a straightforward back-and-forth communication between you and the SMTP Server that can be implemented using the VB6 winsock control. Doing it yourself gives you more control, but does require a little more effort.

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