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    Question Help with Auto Populate

    Hi All,

    I have zero background in writing codes but I have what I think is a straightforward question: I have a number of PDF documents that all require the same information (a person's name and identifying number). I am a resident and when people come in for a pre-op visit I have to fill out all the forms...it's rather time-consuming and I know there must be a way that I could enter the name/social once and have it auto-populate the rest of the forms. I have searched online and on this forum but, given my lack of coding experience, I don't derive much understanding from the answers (ie macros, bookmarks etc).

    Could anyone assist me in this?

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    Welcome to DevX

    Updating word documents would not be a big problem.

    Updating PDF documents is a whole different ball game. Which one are you actually using?

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