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    Smile I need a java ap that can do Q&A

    Hello I wanted to know if anybody could help me. I wanted to find a java ap that I can put onto a web site where people may type questions and it will give them my responses which I can pre-program into the ap. You see I have a page where I do tutorials and I'm starting to get a lot of repeat quetions so I wanted something I could program the common questions and my answers into that way they can just check the applet and I don't have to sound like a broken record. If anybody knows where I can find an application like that that hopefully isnt too difficult to use please please let me know! Thank you.


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    Welcome to DevX

    It sounds to me like you would be better off building it on your own. That way, you could tailor it to fit your needs.

    I think a database with a questions and answers table would be perfect.

    Your page could list all the records in the questions table. Each visitor could just view this list and if they found one that matches the question they have, they could click on it, which would return the corresponding answer from the answers table.

    If they did not find their question, they could leave one.

    You could then answer the question and store both the new question and new answer in your database for reuse.

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    yes but I've seen those tables their good for the most commonly asked quetions, up to a few dozen, but I want something more versatile capable of answering hundreds of quetions with a search like function, and I think that may be a bit much for just a table.

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    A few dozen?

    I was thinking more along the lines of a few hundred thousand which would be child's play for Oracle or SQL Server.

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