Hello, I need help in this scenario:

I have 5 jTextFields: A, B, C, D, E
A's value is 5
B's value will be C+2,
C's value will be A+D,
D's value is 6
E's value will be A+B,

if the calculation is ran against those, the result will be:
A's value is 5
B's value will be 13 (C+2)
C's value will be 11 (A+D)
D's values is 6
E's values will be 18 (A+B)

now the question is, how can I produce such result?
the calculation will be triggered whenever an KeyReleased happened in A (e.g. I put value 5 inside A JTextField) and
D fields (e.g. I put value 6 inside D JTextField)

thank you,