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Thread: applet

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    import java.awt.*;
    import java.applet.Applet;

    public class applet1 extends Applet
    String m;

    public void init()
    m = "hello world";

    public void start()


    public void paint(Graphics g)

    The init() method used in the java applet is simular to the contructor defined in a java application. The purpose of the init() method is to initialize a variable. This method is first called by the browser and it's a one time operation.

    Once the init() method is invoked then the browser will call the start() method automatically. The start() method is used to start a thread as an example. The start() method is invoked each time it losses and gain focus.

    Then the paint() method is invoked. The purpose of the paint() method is to draw itself. There are two ways in which this paint() method can be triggered.
    1. System triggered painting
    - Invoked by the awt.
    2. Application triggered painting
    - Invoked by using the repaint() method.

    1. Why is it that without defining the init() and the start() method, the paint() method can still be invoked? Is it because the paint() method is triggered by the environment?.
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