Hi everyone! I am not a big programmer, but unfortunately have run into a problem with a lot of output. Any help, or how I can structure the program...well, really anything would be helpful. Here is the problem issue:

I am interested in taking strings out of the text files that end in ing.txt in a specific folder. There are other extraneous text files in this folder, but I am only interested in the aforementioned ones. Inside the folder, I want to take the strings out and place them into a new text document. Unfortunately, it gets more complicated : (. Inside these text files, the strings I need to pull out are not separated by columns, lines, or even spaces. However, all the new strings start with an s followed by numbers (For instance s99999s88888 should be sepereated into "s99999" and "s88888"). How can I take these strings from the different text files and write them into a new consolidated text file (preferably list format but anything works). I know some Java, but am not utterly proficient. Any help would be greatly appreciated; figuring out some kind of code would be so much better than going through 9,000 files. Thanks in advanced for any help.