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    THREAD becomes Unstable

    Hi All

    I am using vb.net to controll a data capture device. I have used thread for the data capturing. I have included progressbar to indicate the status. Once the datacapturing is finished , progresbar value will go to zero . code for the prograssbar is written in a procedure named as " clearprogressbar"

    This program works fine ,but it is not stable. Sometime I can't see the progressbar cleared after data capturing which means thread did not invoke
    clearprogressbar. so progressbar remains stay in 100 %

    Can Anybody help with this issue ?

    Best Regards


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    Manipulating a forms control (progress bar) from a new thread requires that you invoke on the form's thread. You don't really give the details of how you are interacting between your data capture thread and the progress bar, but this is most likely the cause of the instability.

    Each time you set a value or clear the progress bar, you must invoke on the form's thread.

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