getting time independent of system time in SUN SOLARIES

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Thread: getting time independent of system time in SUN SOLARIES

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    May 2009

    getting time independent of system time in SUN SOLARIES

    i am using function
    gethrtime() in sun solaries
    to get the time independent of the system time.Problem with this function is if we restart the system time will change to '0'.is there any other way to resolve this problem.

    thanks & regards

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    What do you mean, "independent of the system time"?
    Perhaps you are looking for the POSIX calls for gettimeofday, or timer_gettime.

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    Nov 2003
    gethrtime() is reset whenever the system is rebooted. You should probably use gettimeofday() as jonnin suggested. See also:
    Danny Kalev

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    Dec 2003
    If you run across any of my old posts, the time stamp register is not safe on newer computers, at least the assembly I used to have does not work anymore. The cores on multi core processors do not match on the TSC and it seems to be unreliable in other ways now too, so don't go there!

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