OracleClob to String conversion adds special characters. How to remove

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Thread: OracleClob to String conversion adds special characters. How to remove

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    OracleClob to String conversion adds special characters. How to remove

    Hi All,

    I have this code in my C#.NET project where I am getting a clob as output and converting into string.
    cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
    cmd.Parameters.Add("p_XMLReport", OracleType.Clob).Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;
    cmd.Parameters.Add("p_FilterConditions", OracleType.Clob).Value = conditionList;
    cmd.Parameters.Add("p_ReportFields", OracleType.Clob).Value = fields;
    OracleLob clob1 = ((OracleLob)cmd.Parameters.Value).Value.ToString();
    string _clob = System.Convert.ToString(clob1.Value);

    The string that is returned is as below...There is a backslash introduced around the attribute names.

    <column name = \"DEVELOPMENTSITE\">ADLK</column>
    <column name = \"ID\">3</column>
    <column name = \"PROJECTSTATUS\">Completed</column>
    <column name = \"PROJECTTYPE\">New Wafer</column>

    I further parse this string to add another attribute to each of the tags. I can successfully parse it and I see that the resultset has the attribute I wish to add.
    However, when I try to save it, it throws "Illegal characters in path" error. I am thinking this is because of the blackslashes. Is there a way to get rid of them ??

    XmlNodeList list = resultset.SelectNodes("//DataSource/DataRow/column");
    foreach (XmlNode node in list)
    XmlAttribute newAttr = resultset.CreateAttribute("label");
    newAttr.Value = "Development Site";


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    How about using Regex with the Replace function and replacing the backslashes with ""
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