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Thread: Infix to Prefix

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    Infix to Prefix

    Good day programmers. i dont know where to start but may i ask help for me to create a program that converts infix expression to prefix expression. i got the idea that i can use stack implementation for the infix-prefix converter to work. my only problem is i dont know how to implement a stack into a code that i can use for converting infix to prefix notation. I need some ideas and algorithms that can help me in my coding.

    im not a good programmer that's why i joined this forums because i think by interacting with fellow programmers, i can become good and enhance my skills by sharing ideas, opinions and algorithms with other programmers. i hope that this forums will help me grow as a programmer even little by little.... i would greatly appreciate your ideas if any... I will also try to code it then i hope that i can ask for permission for the members to check and analyze my code. this infix-prefix converter i think is a very hard program. but i hope that i can do it with the help of my fellow programmers here in this forum. thanks....

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    How far have you gotten in the process of planning out your approach?

    Do you understand the difference between infix and prefix expression? Can you think of a way to convert one to another? What do you read when you read an infix expression, and how will that same expression be written as a prefix expression? How convoluted might the expressions be?

    You need to provide the process for your program to accept input - is this coming from a file?

    Do you need to "roll your own" data structures or can \you use one of the Collections from the JDK?

    This project has every bit to do with you planning out and then implementing your approach and not just your code. It is important for your eduction as a programmer to work on these skills. If you have questions as you move yourself through this work, ask here. Don't expect someone to code it up for you.

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