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    Procedural Textures - anyone interested in collaboration


    I'm working on procedural texture generator, so I'm searching for people interested in helping out/collaborating. My texture generator is currently software only. Algorhytms behind it are pretty innovative and AFAIK no one else came up with similar idea to generate textures. I'm searching for people who have some of following skills: shaders (HLSL/GLSL/CG), OpenGL, Direct3D, Advanced Windows GUI creation, but also have experience with some kind of procedural graphics generation. I'd like to evolve this project into something similar to Werkkzeug 3 TE/MaPZone/Filter Forge, but with easier/smarter GUI and to be much simpler to use by traditional CG artists.

    For anyone interested in checking out WIP texture generator, get the link from below. Note that this is only a basic greyscale texture generator, because colorization and other effects are fairly easy to implement.
    (link removed. please post your code inline, and avoid any attachments of bianraies)
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