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    public-private key pair in C++

    Hi All,

    I am developing a public key encryption in our project in C++.
    Where can i find a source code to generate public-private key pairs in C++?
    I also need a source code for any standard encryption/ decryption algorithm which will use key pairs generated by above code.

    I have searched a lot but i was not able to find code in C/ C++, i found code in VB, C# and java but not in C++.

    Thanks in advance !!!

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    There is a GPL project call gpg with all the source code - downloadable from www.gpg.org (or sth like that). I don't think they have the source for windows based systems so you'd need to create the project files and dependencies yourself. Also I'd expect some work to be done on the libraries. Although any C++ compiler should compile it the code is in C-style rather than C++ so if you want classes and stuff you'd need to do that also. But if you got Linux aor Unix then the code should just compile and give you public/private key generation.
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