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    May 2005

    Cool Remote WMI Connection issue

    i needed to get the free disk space on a shared remote drive.
    my shared-name goes something like this -- \\RemoteServer\ADrive$

    ConnectionOptions oConn = new ConnectionOptions();
    oConn.Username = "xUser";
    oConn.Password = "xxxx";
    string sSrvName = @" \\RemoteServer\ADrive$";

    ManagementScope oMS = new ManagementScope(sSrvName, oConn);

    I get the error - "Invalid Parameter".
    If i remove the $ sign from the end of the server name and make it something like \\RemoteServer\ADrive
    it goes past the above statement and fails at
    ManagementObjectSearcher oSearcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(oMS, oQuery) ;
    ManagementObjectCollection oReturnCollection = oSearcher.Get() ;

    with the error - "RPC server is unavailable"

    but when trying to map the above mentioned share drive - \\RemoteServer\ADrive$, via Windows Explorer it works.
    any kind of help is appreciated.

    thanks to all

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    Jul 2009

    Solving WMI remote problems

    Getting WMI to work remotely has wasted hours of time but if you have dont the necessary DCOM configurations there things that nearly always leads to the WMI remote server not availalbe messsage and number one is the firewall.
    This isn't easy to solve because of the way DCOM uses a range of ports that keep moving!
    Check out Getting remote WMI to work for a much longer account.

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