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    How do i authenticate my page for specific user


    I am new to .NET development. In ASP i have authenticate the page in database.so every time i check whether this page is applicable for logged user or not. For .NET how do i achieve this?

    What is windows authentication?
    what is form authentication? what is the difference?


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    Most Web sites need to selectively restrict access to certain areas within a web site. Obviously certain areas/pages will allow the public to come in and browse, however areas that contain more sensitive information such as Ordering Information, Staff Names, etc. need to allow access only to authenticated users. (Additionally, you may have personalized areas, akin to site's like My Yahoo!, where you need to the visitor to be authenticated so that you can generate the customized content specifically for them.)

    One of the new features of ASP.NET is Forms Authentication. Like in classic ASP, where custom database authentication occurred through the user entering his or her login credentials via an HTML form, ASP.NET Forms Authentication works similarly. However, using this neat feature, many of the mundane tasks and code that you were required to write in classic ASP are handled for you automagically.

    Forms Authentication in ASP.NET is handled by a special FormsAuthentication class. This class contains a number of static (or Shared) methods that allow you to identify users via a login form. You can easily configure your ASP.NET application to use Forms Authentication by simply specifying a location (URL) for your login form - ASP.NET does most of the work from there! When an unauthenticated user visits a restricted page on your Web site they will be automatically directed to the specified login form. Once they successfully log on, you can optionally issue an authentication cookie to prevent authenticated users from having to log in time and time again.

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