Guidance needed for a project

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Thread: Guidance needed for a project

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    Question Guidance needed for a project

    Hello -

    I am not sure what would be the best way to handle this so I thought I would start here and see what you might suggest.

    I have an Access database that houses a price list; the price_table contains two fields: product_tag and product_price.

    Then I have an Excel worksheet that is used to create quotes for our customers. There is a column titled 'Type' in the worksheet that is the same as the product_tag field in the database. There is also a column titled 'Amount' that is the same as the product_price in the database.

    What I need to do is when the user enters the 'Type' in the Excel worksheet cell have the product_price from the database automatically fill in the 'Amount' cell in the worksheet.

    So, if the user enters HD-1 in the 'Type' cell in the worksheet it would automatically search the price_table and find the matching HD-1 row and update the 'Amount' cell in the worksheet with the information in the product_price field.

    There could be multiple Types entered on the quote so we would need it to be able to do this process for each Type the user might enter.

    I do not know what the best method would be to run this process so any info you can provide me will be a great help.

    Thank you,


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