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    Vb 2008 express form won’t show correctly.

    I’m in big trouble here and would be grateful for any help.
    I have been working on a quite complex multiform solution.
    All of a sudden the start up form (in fact any form I designate to start up) loads, displays and operates fine.

    But when I try and show a form using “showdialog” the form displays behind the original form and I can’t set focus to the ide to close it down. I have to use task manager or alt f4 while the form has the focus.

    Calling different forms from this one gives the same result but other forms work fine. I don’t want to redo this form as I’ve done a lot of work onit.
    The only thing I can think of that whist I was changing the startup form in the project propertied page (file>project>properties) I unchecked the “Enable applications framework” checkbox.

    This mucked up the display until I rechecked it, the trouble started around then.



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    Don't worry I panicked over nothing. I had accidentally set the forms "topmost" property to true.



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